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Claymore Trout Spey

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The CLAYMORE Trout Spey Fly Rod is designed to handle any trout river. This fast action rod was built using a smooth yet powerful blank that progressively increases as you move up in line weight. This progression allows for intuitive casting while providing the perfect combination of power and feel. With features that include a down locking reel seat for balanced and Polymer Pinch Grips for increased line control, the CLAYMORE makes casting a two-hander more enjoyable and less like you’re swinging a medieval weapon around. So go ahead, grab on with two hands and enjoy a day swinging your favorite run.


The 2100 CLAYMORE Trout Spey brings the joy of two-hand casting to your local trout waters. Perfect for swinging classic wet flies and soft hackles on smaller streams. Recommended Skagit Grains: 200-225 Scandi Grains: 180-210


The 3113 CLAYMORE is the go-to Trout Spey rod in the CLAYMORE family. Powerful enough to fish a variety of Trout Spey flies, but with enough feel for smaller trout. Recommended Skagit Grains: 250-300 Scandi Grains: 210-240


The 4116 CLAYMORE Trout Spey is built for the two-handed caster wanting to throw heavier flies and light sink tips to larger trout. The extra power and length are ideal for larger western rivers where the wind is just part of a day of fishing. Recommended Skagit Grains: 300-350 Scandi Grains: 240-270