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Cutthroat Furled Leader 68" Medium

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This is leader matches well with 8′-6″ – 9′-0″ rods.  Even when fishing a longer rod, this leader is great for throwing larger dries and droppers. The slightly shorter leader will be perfect for delivering your larger / heavier flies where and how you want.

The ” 68″ Multi-Use” Fly Leader: Is required if you find yourself fishing dry flies one moment and then switching a Dry Fly / dropper set-up or a multiple wet fly set-up. These leaders are 68″ in length.  The leader has a knotless taper.  You can pull these leaders through your hands and never feel the joints from one section to the next. These leaders provide an amazing presentation of a fly. They simply have to be tried, words do not explain. These leaders have No Memory; therefore they create a much more natural drift compared to other leader materials. Wind knot issues will be decreased, presentation will be enhanced and the built in stretch allows you to land larger fish on smaller tippet. They create casts with no over-spray and they deliver the fly perfectly. Because these leaders are slightly shorter than our “Ultimate Dry Fly Leader”, this leader will turn multiple fly rigs more easily. Your casting and presentation will improve. Basic leader design is such that the longer the leader, the better the presentation, but you lose the ability to turn over heavy fly setups. So if you throw larger / heavier flies or tend to throw a large dry and a dropper, this leader may be your best choice.

Medium = 4-6wt