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FF Guide to Steelhead Alley - Niemi, D.

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Lake Erie’s south-shore tributaries, known as Steelhead Alley, offer some of the finest flyfishing opportunities for some of the biggest and most beautiful fish in the United States, which is why Wilderness Adventures Press is releasing the brand new Flyfisher’s Guide to Steelhead Alley, by Daren Niemi.
Battles won and lost with these silver warriors are recounted time and again around dinner tables or campfires, over beer or whiskey. The fish have almost a mythical stature, uncommon amongst other gamefish, so much so that they seem to occupy the space between truth and legend.
The author has over three decades of experience on these spectacular fisheries, and he shares his catalog of knowledge in this comprehensive new book. From the Vermillion River in Ohio to Elk Creek in Pennsylvania up through Cattaraugus Creek near Buffalo, New York, he covers the whens, wheres, and hows to get readers into the fish of a lifetime. Niemi also covers the gear, fish habits and habitat, timing, reading the water, techniques and much more.
This book comes with Wilderness Adventures Press’ precise and detailed full-color maps, with GPS coordinates for all access points, boat ramps, and parking areas, along with access roads, public land and more. As Lefty once said: “If someone can’t find locations from these maps – they need to stay home.”
There is no better source for this information than the all-new Flyfisher’s Guide to Steelhead Alley.