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Cutthroat Czech 50" "High Stick" Furled Leader

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Cutthroat's Czech Leader consists of an 18″ Sighter that is Hi-Vis Orange with black stripes or Chartreuse with Black Stripes. The stripes on the sighter allows you to see slight movement in the sighter meaning that a fish is tugging on your fly. Then we attach 30″-36″ of 20 lb. braided line with a tippet ring. The 20 lb. braid is very thin allowing it to cut the water column (sink extremely fast) this gets your fly’s into the face of fish hanging out down deep.

The fly fisher is to attach tippet to the ring. Depending on fishing regulations of your state, you can fish multiple fly’s off of this set-up. The sighter is to be treated with floatant. Either our leader floatant or our otter butter works great. Only purchase this leader if you are familiar with Czech Nymphing as this is not a leader that makes casting / presentation easier as our typical leaders do. This leader is for the popular way of fishing called “High Sticking”. This leader puts your sinking fly’s in the face of big bottom hugging fish.

Simply tie a length of flouro tippet to the ring, attach your fly and then tie another length of fluoro to the hook bend. I typically do this 3 times if regulations allow. Just make sure the overall tippet length is sufficient to reach the bottom of the river.