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Cutthroat Long Line Nymph Leader

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Cutthroat Long Line Leader consists of a 36″ Furled Tapered  Sighter that is Hi-Vis Orange with black stripes. The stripes on the sighter allows you to see slight movement in the sighter meaning that a fish is tugging on your fly.  We then attach 60″-70″ of 25 lb. Clear Japanese Nylon (floating).  This easily attaches to your fly line with the included loop. The end of the 36″ Furled Sighter has a tippet ring.

The fly fisher attaches his/her tippet to the ring via a clinch knot.  When the thread sighter is treated to float using our leader floatant, the sighter will float all day long allowing you to see strikes very easily.

One issue with the current long line nymphing methods….  Fly fishers cannot see the BI-Colored tippet very easily.  Meaning, they miss many strikes.